Service learning

David Peterson, ’19, found his vocation through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity projects at home and at State.

BY Betsy Simon

Entrepreneurial spirit

A new program at State helps equip students with the skills to succeed, whether they’re in business for themselves or not.

BY Sarah Kuta

Incubating business

Campus and community organizations help cultivate a growing culture of entrepreneurism in the Wabash Valley.

BY Sarah Kuta

Is technology addictive?

While the Internet in all its forms has countless efficiencies to make our lives easier, our dependency on handheld devices and screens can be harmful.

BY Libby Roerig

Bryan Buchelt, ’07

Entrepreneur Bryan Buchelt was an aerospace administration major. He is the founder and owner of Snaproll Studios.

BY Sarah Kuta

Carina Lawson, ’04

Entrepreneur Carina Lawson was a business management
and administration major. She is the founder and managing partner of Ponderlily Paper & Planners.

BY Sarah Kuta

Gerry Dick, ’91

Entrepreneur Gerry Dick was a radio-TV-film major. He’s the founder and president of Grow INdiana Media Ventures LLC.

BY Sarah Kuta