Neily Stough, ’16

A native of Brazil, Ind., Neily Stough wasn’t just well-prepared for her future career — she was ready to make her mark on the business world. No wonder her MasterBrand Cabinets snatched her up upon graduation.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

Paul Brill, ’53

The late Paul Brill’s more than 25,000 hours tracing Omaha Tribe lineage and more than 60 years working with and for Native Americans culminated in the tribe adopting him — and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

BY Libby Roerig

Joyce, ’80, GR ’95, and David, ’79, Boeglin

College sweethearts during the Larry Bird era, the Boeglins made their home in Terre Haute and raised a family here — and have proudly watch the progress their alma mater has made over the years.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

Jim Waugh ’59, GR ’64

A career educator, Jim Waugh still works in education as a part-time supervisor of student teachers for Indiana State. “There are some wonderful teachers out there.”

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

Dean Bartles, Ph.D. ’13

Much concern has been voiced over the loss of manufacturing in America. Dean Bartles is working to reverse that trend by leading the charge to turn promising, early-stage research into a reality for U.S. manufacturers.

BY Indianastate

Brian Copes, ’92, GR ’02

An technology educator with experiences all over the world, Brian Copes was recently recognized with a Global Teacher Prize as one of the top 50 teachers in the world.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

Nick Spencer, ’16

Discovered by employer Sigstr at the Techpoint Sales Bootcamp while he a student at State, Nick Spencer is now a top performer for the email signature company.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch