Who are the most influential Americans?

One’s legacy is often determined by the eye of the beholder. Indiana State scholars weigh in on the question.

There’s one surefire way to spot who history deems the greatest Americans — we’ve carved their heads into mountains and placed their mugs on our money. Maybe that’s why names like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln so easily roll off people…
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What’s the future of textbooks?

At Indiana State, textbooks are a thing of the past for many classes, as faculty and staff come together to offer more dynamic — and less costly — ways to share material.

BY Betsy Simon

What is the future of medicine?

Tailoring procedures and treatment for the patient is on the horizon, while public policy, managing privacy and funding research will hinge on the outcomes of this Election Day and beyond.

BY Elise Lima, '16

What is time?

While time is a consistent a measurement of our days, cultural attitudes toward it and punctuality differ vastly.

BY Jamina Tribbett

Is marijuana the next ‘Big Tobacco’?

Sycamores start a conversation about recreational marijuana use with an activist and medical professional studying Colorado’s groundbreaking legislation.

BY Mallory Eherenman, ’16

What is happiness?

Faculty, staff and students weigh in on how they define happiness — and perhaps more importantly, how to have more of it in our lives.

BY Jamina Tribbett, ’17