Is the world better off without the Soviet Union?

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, three Indiana State professors weigh in on how the world has changed since the communist power dissolved.

The Soviet Union had become a global superpower — and a danger to democratic nations. The communist country, characterized by brutality, repression and international aggression, threatened to spread communism across the world and start a nuclear war. …
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Millennials: A New Kind of Employee?

Despite the headlines claiming the newest generation to enter the workforce has special needs and requests, experts say their behavior is the same as any new employee. Our experts also share tips to be the best employee you can — no matter your age.

BY Elise Lima, '16

What does it mean to be black in America?

In the first of a three-part series exploring race, Vice President of Student Affairs Willie Banks says ‘there is no barometer on being black.’ He uses his experiences of the world, his loving family and encounters with intolerance to make the campus a better place for Sycamores.

BY Jamina M. Tribbett

What’s the future of textbooks?

At Indiana State, textbooks are a thing of the past for many classes, as faculty and staff come together to offer more dynamic — and less costly — ways to share material.

BY Betsy Simon

What is the future of medicine?

Tailoring procedures and treatment for the patient is on the horizon, while public policy, managing privacy and funding research will hinge on the outcomes of this Election Day and beyond.

BY Elise Lima, '16