The bucket list

The dad of an Indiana State student keeps his word and goes back to school after losing — or, winning? — a bet with his daughter.

When Alexa Kinsey heard a “beep” indicating an incoming text message, it was a welcome distraction for the freshman nursing major who, just a few weeks into her first semester at Indiana State University, was hitting the books on a Saturday night. Al…
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Renaissance man

Professor Tom Johnson’s diverse and multiple interests aren’t confined by time or convention.

BY Kristen Kilker

Inspiring innovation

Business incubators around the world — and at Indiana State — help start-ups get a stronger footing during the precarious beginning stages.

BY Betsy Simon

The many lives of Tirey

Once the center of student life, Tirey Hall is now a venerable location for high-profile events and university functions.

BY Nancy Pieters Mayfield, ’88

Caring for our protectors

Veterans work to ease their fellow soldiers’ transitions back to civilian life.

BY Donovan Wheeler, ’91, GR ’08

Partners in health

Indiana State collaborates with local groups to promote wellness.

BY Elise Lima, '16

The work of historians

Students roll up their sleeves during a trip to southern Indiana — and back in time.

BY Libby Roerig