George Rogge, ’69

A man of many interests — and talents — George Rogge, ’69, most regrets not getting to meet his grandfather and namesake.


  1. George rogge, I pledged APO when you did but I never fully engaged. I left alpha Phi Omega when I achieved “high honors” on the Rhodes hall honor roll in the first quarter and jealously concentrated on studies instead. Wish I had stayed in and gotten to know you! I became an English and social studies teacher, taught in indy for a year and then came home to Vermont, where I’ve taught ever since. I am a pilgrim myself with cameras and have made several yearbooks over the years. I spent a little time in gary with my first roommate, a Hobart golfer; he is keith dunkelbarger, then captain of the isu squad. This run-on paragraph is my way of saying “nice to meet you after nearly 50 years, George! and reading your bio. was a lot of fun! — John Goodrich, alburgh, Vermont ( — all lower case!)

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