John Michael Vincent, ’93

As host of a show described as “major market sports talk with small town common sense,” JMV traces his roots back to the little Indiana town of Owensburg, where he grew up interested in sports and radio.

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  1. John,
    listening to your show you caught my attention mentioning “greene Co” ind, the LATEST REFERENCE was something about “abbies” in bloomfield, well i grew up in bloomfield and have drink beer in abbies.
    abbies has been there a long time. I’ll bet you may not be old enough to remember “elmer’s” which bloomfield’s pool hall and hang out for every kid and old guy in town. also there was the brick plant, furniture factory, woolen mill and silo co in bloomfield at one time

    Triva: the second indy 500 race winner was born in odon ind

    Great to see a greene co guy SUCCEED as you have
    Good luck to you
    Gerry Long

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