Matt Ulm ’00

Ulm’s parents, Gregory, ’68, GR ’71, Ph.D. ’85, and Denise, ’72, GR ’73, are passionate Sycamore alumni. His father also worked on campus in the Bayh College of Education’s Educational Leadership and Foundations department. Growing up in Terre Haute, Ulm was constantly influenced by all that Indiana State had to offer, from attending Indiana State’s Read more…


  1. Excellent article and though I know you’re looking for new contacts, I’ll still make this comment. Your passion for your school, life, and people are evident in your work. Continue to allow god to guide you on your journey, and to lend a quote I’ve been throwing around lately: “as you stand admiring a wonderful rock formation in front of you, a beautiful sunrise cresting above the formation might suddenly change your perspective of beauty, and just when you think you’ve found that majestic and magical appreciative high point, a beautiful butterfly comes fluttering around you, at first, distracting you-then, like the first brush of spring, she lands gently on your shoulder waiting for the sun to refuel her journey, that has , for a moment, intersected with yours causing time to stand still in a new appreciation for God’s amazing peace and beauty.”
    Continue to capture those moments, my friend, because they are rare!

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