Nick Thorlton, ’19

Entrepreneur Nick Thorlton and his business partner Adam Wenger founded Beans and Spoons.

Hometown: Terre Haute

Major: Business management

Brand: Beans and Spoons

At Beans and Spoons, they serve custom bowls of cereal with a variety of toppings and milk, as well as small batch coffee roasted in-house. Long-term, Thorlton and his partner, Adam Wenger, hope to expand Beans and Spoons to a bigger college market while working with people in recovery by giving them job skills. “If you have an idea, go for it. What you think, it will become,” he said.

Logo: Their logo is the company’s name incorporating a coffee bean with the “b” and a coffee mug as the “a” in beans. For spoons, a spoon for the p and two bowls of cereal for the double o’s to create our logo.

Uniqueness: We are one of the few cereal bars in the world! In addition, we roast our own coffee and ensure it is the highest quality. We take quality seriously and do not rush the process. We operate as a sit-down coffee shop where the drinks/cereal are brought to you.

Inspiration: I have always had a creative mind and I love cereal, but my thought of a cereal bar came while reading a book called “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau. In this book, it talks about how easy it is to form an idea and getting the idea started. My partner was the mastermind behind the coffee idea. The two ideas combined bring even more uniqueness to our shop.

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