Healing stronger

The basketball brotherhood helps Bronson Kessinger get back in the fray.

BY Brian Hudgins

‘Here in the Universe’

Indiana State faculty, alumni collaborate with area schools to help middle-schoolers feel they belong — by using their own words.

BY Betsy Simon

Power of learning

The Bayh College of Education continues producing top educators in its classrooms while extending its reach beyond Indiana State University’s campus by hosting lifelong learning opportunities.

BY Betsy Simon

Sarah Padan, ’20

A freshman from Terre Haute studying marketing, Sarah Padan values the friends she’s made through the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.

BY Indianastate

Megan Casas, ’17

A standout music education major, Megan Casas hails from Hammond and writes songs that are mostly about love or fighting for what you believe in.

BY Indianastate

Korri Martin, ’17

An art education major from Terre Haute, Korri Martin is an indispensable student instructor at the university’s Community School of the Arts.

BY Indianastate