Tabitha Wimsett, ’15

All the world’s a stage for Tabitha Wimsett of Paris, Ill., a theater major with a concentration in technical theater and playwriting, directing and dramaturgy.

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Scott Kelemen, ’15

A nursing major, Scott Kelemen is an online student from Toms River, N.J. He was asked by online Professor Kathleen Huun to evaluate the “Double Robot” simulation experience.
“Our review of the ‘double’ took on a life of its own, and we were involved in many simulation events that were be held at various times, and some at a moment’s notice,” Huun said. “Despite Scott’s willingness to help, it was his leadership, nursing knowledge, and engaging personality that made the integration of the ‘double’ within pre-scheduled simulation events a success. He truly was a huge component of this pilot study.”

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Olivia Bohnhoff, ’15

With her idea of perfect happiness being traveling, learning and teaching, Olivia Bohnhoff, a language studies major from Bloomington, Ill., should be content this summer as she embarks on a Fulbright as a teaching assistant in Mexico.
“I don’t know how many ISU students have been awarded this prestigious grant in the past, but probably not many, and none in recent memory,” said Mark Lewandowski, associate professor in the English department and Indiana State Fulbright program adviser.

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Nancy Kaj, ’15

Nancy, an economics major with a minor in international studies from Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was nominated by John Conant, chair of the economics department for her co-curricular activities. Among them, he notes faculty-led study abroad trips to Morocco and China and interest in sustainable development with a short-time shadowing of an alum who works for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
“And she is just an interesting person,” Conant said.

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Katie Lugar, ’15

A leader, active volunteer and not to mention standout student, Katie Lugar of Terre Haute is a social work major pursuing a minor in psychology. She also received a certification in nonprofit leadership and management.

“She is a hard-working, motivated and determined individual, who strives to maintain the ideals of social work and ISU as a priority while she journeys through her academic and professional career,” said Robyn Lugar, associate professor in the department of social work. “She strives to cultivate success in others, not only in herself.”

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What drives the price of gas?

An oil executive and economist agree — the old principle of supply and demand are key to setting fuel prices.

BY Dierre Littleton, ’15