From mentee to mentor

As a member of the ’86 championship Bears team, Brian Cabral has played for and worked with some of football’s giants. Now, he’s a giant influence on the Sycamores’ defense.

BY Brian Hudgins

Bringing the world home

Professors Jim and Karla Speer observe sustainability and archaeology while traveling with their young children on a six-month European sabbatical.

BY Kristen Kilker

Aleyda Flores, ’16

Born and raised in Honduras but most recently living in Indianapolis, Aleyda Flores, is a computer engineering technology major and an active member in the “Females in Technology” program. This past summer, she earned a distinctive summer internship opportunity in New York. “Ms. Flores has a great personal story to tell,” said Steven Stofferahn, associate professor of history.

BY Indianastate

Phillip Harpenau, ’16

Described as a role model for his fellow nursing students, Phillip Harpenau of Clinton, Ind., “leads by example and has natural charisma and charm. He loves to learn new things and enjoys challenging tasks. He gets along with everyone,” said Emily Cannon, instructor of nursing at Indiana State.

BY Indianastate

Does privacy still exist?

In a digital age when many share every detail of their lives and cyber-security breaches are more and more common, we ask computer experts and business professionals what’s the future for our data.

BY Sadie All, '15