Ell T. Arnold Jr., ’18

An unmanned systems major with minor in manufacturing engineering, Ell Arnold of Indianapolis believes in making a difference and already works as a mentor.

BY Indianastate

Mike Nackers, GR ’19

Mike Nackers works each day to ensure his life isn’t boring. The Fort Wayne, Ind., native is a graduate student in the technology management program with an automotive concentration.  

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Travis Eckert, ’19

Graduated basic training and started his own aviation business: Something tells us if Travis Eckert did come back as a pampered cat, he’d be the hardest working cat around! The Fort Wayne, Ind., is a double major in unmanned systems and aviation management.

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The right size

It wouldn’t take Goldilocks three tries at Indiana State — she’d know right away the university is big enough to spread her wings but small enough to get high-quality attention from faculty and staff.

BY Sarah Kuta

Transforming health education

An energy-efficient building that ensures high-quality learning and engaged collaboration is achieved with the new, highly functional Health and Human Services building.

BY Betsy Simon

Power of giving

Donors’ gifts invigorate mission of the new College of Health and Human Services facility.

BY Betsy Simon