Paul, ’88, and Susan, ’92, Chaney

Despite their busy schedule, the Chaneys return to Indiana State at least four times a year, including every Homecoming. Paul is the newest president of the Indiana State University Alumni Association.


  1. after reading this article I was moved to tears. words cannot express how proud I am of my dear friends PaUl and Susan ChAney. they have always been great examples of what we all should strive to be. I must say I am honored to know them. congratulations paul on your new position I know you will serve It well.

    your friend, fellow AlumNi, and brother in the bond.

  2. I must say thank you for the print the life energy placed on preparing the same and most of all the service. after reading this and being a member of the ISu family, i have been inspired to reach higher. my path in life has been some what SIMILAR to Mr. chaneys just not as pocket filling (not attacking just stating the truth about me) and occurring on lower ground level (local community) causes. now i am going back to the drawing board to reset the stages and prepare for better wealth while continuing my service. Thank you for the leader, sir… Godspeed

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