Paul Brill, ’53

The late Paul Brill’s more than 25,000 hours tracing Omaha Tribe lineage and more than 60 years working with and for Native Americans culminated in the tribe adopting him — and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.


  1. I cried reading my dads story, such a great man, but his legacy will live forever.

  2. What an incredible story of a life lived well and giving to others. You must be so very proud and saddened that this great father is gone now for a season of your life.

  3. What a great man . He will be remember always . The great spirit has a right hand now . Go in peace.

  4. March 19th a day forever etched in my mind because I lost Paul, one of the finest friends I ever knew. We had rehab together after hip surgery. Every lunch and dinner Paul and I sat at a table with friends tossing one story after another back and forth entertaining the whole dining room. Lori ,JULIE and Tiffany would share a .
    KLEENEX for tears of laughter
    The Apostles Creed explains the afterlife and if I make it to Heaven I’ll find Paul and we will sit by the campfire and share jokes forever

  5. What a wonderful life your father led. I was very interested in his story. Lori, my heart goes out to you, but I am so glad you have wonderful parents to remember.

  6. I am not surprised what an amazing man he was…. I know some of his grandchildren. I know where they get it! What an incredible man!

  7. I remember Paul well, enjoying many discussions , including about the Injustices by the feDeral and state governments and needs Of the nations in EDUCATION and employment. A wonderful servant to tgem.

  8. a gracious neighbor and inspiring human being.

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