Raising the ‘barr’

Sycamore lands a research fellowship through the National Science Foundation and helps scientists learn more about barred owls.

BY Connor Myers

Cracking the code

State biology Professor Shaad Ahmad received the Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association to learn more about the genetics behind congenital heart defects.

BY Elise Lima, '16

Lily Arias, ’14

First drawn to Indiana State because of its bat center, Lily Arias was recently honored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for her work as an educator.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

More than gray matter

Thanks to Indiana State University alumnus Deepak Kumar, Ph.D. ’10, science has made a major breakthrough in understanding how the brain functions the way it does when someone develops Alzheimer’s disease.

BY Briana Lofton

Cierra Natt, ’19

A biology major from Terre Haute, Cierra Natt aims to be the best Sycamore she can and a good role model for future Sycamores.

BY Indianastate

Field work

Indianapolis native Jasmine Barney, ’16, has spent the summer netting bats, checking artificial roosts and padding an already impressive biologist’s resume.

BY Betsy Simon

Allexis Mahurin, ’16

“Teensy little Sullivan” is how Allexis Mahurin, a biology major describes her hometown.

BY Indianastate