Ron Culp, ’70

Alumnus’ stellar career in public relations started by him taking advantage of every opportunity possible while at State.

BY Betsy Simon

Paying it forward

After finding love and friendship at State, alumni couple works to support future Sycamores’ growth and self-discovery.

BY Judy-Anne Goldman

Part of democracy

Indiana State’s chapter of the American Democracy Project sends more than 100 students to witness the inauguration of Donald Trump.

BY Jamina Tribbett, ’17

Ayden Jent, ’15

Ayden Jent, who has cerebral palsy, represented Team USA in the 2016 Paralympics in the 200-meter sprint.

BY Briana Lofton, ’17

What is the future for China’s children?

The Chinese government announced late last year it was ending the infamous policy of allowing couples only one child, and now all Chinese couples will be allowed two children. But in a country of 30 million bachelors and a highly competitive academic environment for children, will the change in law make a difference?

BY Libby Roerig


After a brief adjustment period, scholar-athlete Alethia Marrero succeeds at State — both academically and on the track — including a shot at the 2016 Olympics.

BY Dave Taylor

A new standard

Sam Snideman, ’06, helped create education standards for the state of Indiana based on what he would want his son to master.

BY Betsy Simon