Is technology addictive?

While the Internet in all its forms has countless efficiencies to make our lives easier, our dependency on handheld devices and screens can be harmful.

BY Libby Roerig

Renaissance man

Professor Tom Johnson’s diverse and multiple interests aren’t confined by time or convention.

BY Kristen Kilker

Kamae Sutton, ’19

Being fearless, loving yourself and having a peace of mind is Kamae Sutton’s idea of perfect happiness. The Atlanta native is a psychology major.

BY Indianastate

The tough get going

For four consecutive years, the doctor in clinical psychology program has had 100 percent placements for highly competitive accredited internships, a requirement for the degree.

BY Betsy Simon

Caring abroad

Sycamores traveled to Ecuador to work in a health clinic, where they checked vitals, administered tests and filled numerous prescriptions for about 100 patients a day.

BY Mallory Eherenman, '16

What is mindfulness?

Longtime psychology professor Jean Kristeller says we can be healthier — and more satisfied — by being more mindful of what we’re eating. For instance, it’s better to savor half a cookie instead of devouring the whole bag.

BY Betsy Simon

Nancee Sorenson, ’90

After graduating from Terre Haute North in 1975, Sorenson had a long list of reasons why she wanted to be a Sycamore, including being offered one of the first undergraduate scholarships in clinical psychology.

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch