Harnessing the sun

Pikes’ installations of solar panels at their chapter house is just the latest way they’re working to make their community — and planet — a better place.

BY Betsy Simon

Sustainability — here and abroad

Indiana State students learn about sustainability efforts while on a study abroad trip to Thailand this spring. At home, Blue continues to capture accolades for its ‘green’ efforts.

BY Betsy Simon

The razing of Statesman Towers

Recognized for their superior design when they were built in the late 1960s, Statesman Towers — the tallest buildings on campus — would be undone because of their massive size. Officials say the design of the buildings and their inefficiencies prompted them to raze the structures rather than renovate them.

BY Haley Sluboski

Nancy Kaj, ’15

Nancy, an economics major with a minor in international studies from Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was nominated by John Conant, chair of the economics department for her co-curricular activities. Among them, he notes faculty-led study abroad trips to Morocco and China and interest in sustainable development with a short-time shadowing of an alum who works for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
“And she is just an interesting person,” Conant said.

BY Indianastate

Easy being green

Indiana State University, which was just selected as one of the most environmentally responsible schools, will offer an academic minor in sustainability — and satisfy both students’ and businesses’ growing interest in the field.

BY Libby Roerig