Kelsey Graman, ’19

A dancer since pre-K, Kelsey Graman of Jasper, Ind., now enjoys choreographing her own steps. Perhaps after earning her textile, apparel and merchandising degree, she can write — and design the costumes for — a musical.

BY Indianastate

Rebecca L. Ruddock, ’18

Remember her name: Rebecca Ruddock is well on her way to sitting atop of the retail ladder, helping people look and feel their best. The Terre Haute native is a textiles, apparel and merchandising major.

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Not taking ‘no’ for an answer

This fashionista doesn’t let anyone dampen her dreams — and it’s working for her so far, including being namesake to a denim design at The Buckle.

BY Judy Anne Goldman

How is a fashion line born?

The process of designing clothes is an intricate one that involves technique, material, art and inspiration. Anyone can create a clothing line, but not everyone can put in the work that goes into constructing one’s own garments. In any case, similar to art, clothing design is not created in a vacuum.

BY Jamina Tribbett