Mari A. Swayne, ’95, GR ’98

A “double Sycamore,” Mari A. Swayne hopes to some day earn her Ph.D. at Indiana State and become a “triple.”

BY Jackie Sheckler Finch

The School of Life

Indiana State’s Adult and Career Education program helps adults who have some college credit complete their degrees — with some even getting class credit for their life experiences.

BY Betsy Simon

Beyond the bow-tie

State’s new Vice President for Student Affairs Willie Banks Jr. says he is inspired by students who persevere and succeed, despite the odds.

BY Dave Taylor

What is mindfulness?

Longtime psychology professor Jean Kristeller says we can be healthier — and more satisfied — by being more mindful of what we’re eating. For instance, it’s better to savor half a cookie instead of devouring the whole bag.

BY Betsy Simon

Mackenzie Carpenter, ’16

Gentle, kind, funny is how senior nursing major Mackenzie Carpenter was described by faculty member Emily Cannon. She’s a “joy to be around and (is) so good with her patients,” Cannon said of the Crawfordsville native.

BY Indianastate

Jordyn Hoffmann, ’15

Jordyn Hoffmann of Westfield, a nursing major who graduated in December, is giving of her time. “She volunteers for every nursing learning opportunity she can! She has been on a mission trip to Haiti (and) spends extra time with nurse practitioners at IU Health’s Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis (on her own time),” said nursing faculty member Emily Cannon.

BY Indianastate

Dena Irwin, ’94

Dena Irwin is leading the state program for business, information technology, entrepreneurship and marketing education.

BY Betsy Simon