Law and order

State’s criminology and criminal justice program is the university’s most popular major — and faculty are working to make it even more popular.

BY Elise Lima, '16

What is the future of policing?

Incidents of police shooting suspects, officers being targeted and changes in technology create a complicated — and, often, increasingly tense — scenario for communities to grapple.

BY Libby Roerig

Delving into the darkness

Professor Mark Hamm is a leading terrorism expert — a go-to source for the world’s leaders and media about the most dangerous criminals.

BY Libby Roerig

New approach to cyber security

A conversation with Bill Mackey, GR ’12, will leave you wanting to stock up on canned goods and stash money in your mattress.

BY Libby Roerig

Research-based policing

Analyzing where and when crime occurs helps law enforcement determine how best to respond to the incidents and focus their resources to make communities safer.

BY Libby Roerig

Editor’s Note

A few weeks after I started working at State, I reconnected with a former classmate of mine, Damein “DC” Cunningham, ’04. For those of you who grew up in Indiana and Illinois, you’d be hard pressed to not run into Indiana State alumni. Damein and I, however, grew up in Colleton County, S.C., which is Read more…

BY Libby Roerig

Cultivating leadership

Sororities and fraternities offer a place for strong social bonds, but they also improve academic performance and give aspiring leaders a chance to hone their skills.

BY Betsy Simon