Future Mr. President

Of Indiana State, that is! Derek Griffin, ’20, went from thinking he wasn’t college material to aspiring to lead the university some day.

Derek Griffin’s dreams to play college football were shattered along with his femur during the second game of his junior year in high school. Luckily, the New Albany native had a good friend who pointed him to Indiana State to develop a new game plan. …
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For the win

The mission and people of Indiana State is what drew Andrea Angel to her new position as vice president for the Division of University Advancement.

BY Libby Roerig

Flying high

Emily Conrad’s resume is chockful of experiences that would catch any recruiter’s eye, thanks to studying at State.

BY Betsy Simon

Service learning

David Peterson, ’19, found his vocation through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity projects at home and at State.

BY Betsy Simon

Nick Thorlton, ’19

Entrepreneur Nick Thorlton and his business partner Adam Wenger founded Beans and Spoons.

BY Tony Turner

Brandon Warren, ’22

Entrepreneur Brandon Warren started We LIVE Inc. in memory of his friend Dijon Anderson, who was murdered.

BY Tony Turner

Travis Eckert, ’19

Entrepreneur Travis Eckert founded American Aerial Imaging to provide aerial multimedia services.

BY Tony Turner