What does State stand for? Teachers

Indiana State’s story is best told through its graduates and faculty. Here is one of a dozen people who exemplifies the university’s key qualities.

Roddran Grimes, ’82, has touched many lives as a special education teacher and is now preparing future educators.  It was at Indiana State, Grimes says, that she discovered her love of teaching.

“When I attended ISU for my undergraduate degree, I didn’t know I was — at the core of my being — a teacher,” she said. “I completed a bachelor’s degree in an area unrelated to education and worked in healthcare information technology for several years. However, through my life’s journey, I realized I wanted to enter the teaching profession.”

Grimes was working at Hopewell Middle School in Atlanta when she decided to earn her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Indiana State.

“Although I lived in a different state, I wanted to receive my doctoral degree from ISU, because I knew that I would receive an excellent research-based, quality education based on core teaching principles,” Grimes said. “My professors were supportive of my out-of-state status. While attending ISU, I also established personal relationships that I treasure and that continue to help sustain me personally and professionally.”

Now an assistant professor in special education at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, “I love being a teacher, and my profession gives my life purpose. I strive to create a classroom environment in which every student is uplifted and encouraged to reach their full potential.”

“Oh, if I could only turn back time I would tell my undergraduate self to attend ISU’s education program for my bachelor’s degree so I would have that perspective as well as my graduate school experience.”

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