What is DNA?

As prevalent as DNA has become in our modern vocabularies, the rapid growth of genomics, the implications of genetic research on public health and public policy and the growing need for genetic counselors are at the forefront of conversations at Indiana State.

BY Kristen Kilker

Dean of discipline

As the new head coach at a parochial school in South Carolina, Doug Dutton, ’92, taps the lessons from a star-studded career to help teach his football players.

BY Libby Roerig

Quillian Murphy, GR ’16

Born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, Quillian Murphy is a graduate student majoring in clinical mental health counseling. Catherine Tucker, coordinator of Indiana State’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, describes him as a “remarkable young man with a remarkable and inspiring story.”

BY Indianastate

Jacqueline McKinney, 15

Described by Debbie Brothers, auxiliary services supervisor at Hulman Memorial Student Union, as someone who “will be successful in whatever she does,” Jacqueline McKinney, a business management major with a minor in criminal justice, is from Gary, Ind. “Jacque is reliable, has excellent quality of work, shows initiative, professional, and has a uniqueness of contribution to our team,” Brothers said.

BY Indianastate

STEM together

Women make up almost half of the U.S. workforce and have been the bulk of bachelor’s degree recipients since 1988. Still, women account for only about one-fourth of workers in science, technology, engineering and math careers.

BY Betsy Simon

50 and fabulous

Crossroads Repertory Theatre balances new and old with a special anniversary season lineup including past favorites and exciting modern productions.

BY Libby Roerig

What is ADHD?

Students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a professor of psychology discuss the basics of the disorder and debunk some common misconceptions.

BY Kristen Kilker